Alaska Progressive Action Network Endorses Ed Wesley

August 15, 2016

At our meeting last night, we voted to endorse Ed Wesley! Ed Wesley caucused for Bernie – but beyond that – he has been an advocate for progressive principles for decades!

Laborers’ Local 341 Endorses Ed Wesley for State Senate

August 10, 2016

Laborers’ Local 341 is proud to endorse our brother Ed Wesley for State Senate. As a Local 341 retiree and community leader, Ed stands up for working families. In the State Senate, Ed will build a stronger economy and balance the budget. By investing in job opportunities and our youth, Ed will make Anchorage an even better place to live. Ed Wesley is a champion for working Alaskans.



#FeelTheBernAK endorses Ed Wesley for State Senate

August 8, 2016

From #FeelTheBernAK: “With his years of service to this country and his community. His passion for the progressive movement, Political Revolution, and in his own words an “unapologetic” support for Bernie Sanders. The Admins of #FeelTheBernAK proudly endorse Ed Wesley for State Senate!”




State Rep. Geran Tarr


Senator Bettye Davis

State Senator Bettye Davis