Two well-known Democrats are fighting to succeed Senator Johnny Ellis

August 14, 2016

“Wesley hopes to be the first African-American legislator since former Senator Bettye Davis lost her seat in 2012 to Republican Anna Fairclough. “The Democratic Party is saying they need diversity, and at the state [level] there’s a need for diversity to have a different perspective,” he says.”  [Read More]

#FeelTheBernAK endorses Ed Wesley for State Senate

August 8, 2016

From #FeelTheBernAK: “With his years of service to this country and his community. His passion for the progressive movement, Political Revolution, and in his own words an “unapologetic” support for Bernie Sanders. The Admins of #FeelTheBernAK proudly endorse Ed Wesley for State Senate!”

All must give to resolve Alaska’s fiscal woes, but shares must be fair – OpEd (

August 6, 2016

This year Alaska’s state elections are critically important for one reason: the budget. Never before has our state government and its leaders faced such a challenge.

The first step to addressing Alaska’s $3.2 billion annual budget deficit is to take ownership of the problem, refrain from finger-pointing and work together to reach fair and equitable solutions. Juneau has been plagued by partisan bickering and gridlock — much like Washington, D.C., in recent years — and few of our leaders have been willing to stand up and take on the responsibility of correcting our state’s fiscal path before it’s too late.

Finally, special-interest donations have had an undue influence on our politics, causing fear and greed: fear from legislators that special interests will support someone else against them,  and greed from the special interests to get all they can for their money no matter who it may hurt. I will accept only idividual donations


13613130_1760780880824616_2379807631130825418_oBe prepared! Change will happen again! This is your time to speak! 
What are the most important changes you want to see happen here in Alaska to improve police and citizen relations?